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Signs In Kansas City, MO

Need a great looking custom exterior sign in Kansas City, MO? We can help! We are specialists in outdoor signs – it’s all we do.

We are experienced providers of most types of custom outdoor business signs in Kansas City, MO. We can work with your design or develop a design that will attract attention, generate interest, help you to stand-out, and build your brand. We offer both custom lighted outdoor signs for business and unlit exterior signs in Kansas City.

Permits are required and the code varies by zoning. Wall signs located in general business districts are the most popular type of business sign. Here is a quick overview of the Kansas City, MO code as it relates to these types of signs –

  • Tenants in multi-tenant buildings with exterior entrance may have up to 3 wall signs per tenant elevation

  • Maximum size is 10 percent of the wall area

  • Wall signs must be permanently attached to the building and parallel to its surface, extending no more than 12 inches from the wall

  • Wall signs may not extend above the parapet of the building

Contact us now to learn more about the sign criteria in Kansas City, MO or discuss your sign needs. We are experienced in outdoor lighted signs for businesses as well as other types of commercial signs.

You can also visit the City Planning & Development website to access the resources provided by the City of Kansas City, MO.